Monday, December 3, 2012

7 Talks I Regret Not Hearing at Last Year's University of Chicago Jersey Shore Studies Conference

I feel like this a McSweeney's piece, except it's REAL.

  1. Julia Sirmons, Columbia University: “‘You Dirty Little Hamster!’” The Abject and the Monstrous Feminine in Jersey Shore”
  2. Brian Collins, North Carolina State University: “Situating the Situation: Psychogeography, Mimetic Desire, and Resurgent Indo-European the Trifunctional Paradigm in Seaside.”
  3. Alexandra Reznik, Duquesnue University: “‘SHOTS!’ An Analysis of Italian, American, and Italian-American Beverage Consumption in Jersey Shore”
  4. Atle Mikkola Kjosen, University of Western Ontario: “GTL (Gym, Tan, Labor): Reproducing Labor-Power on the Shore”
  5. Eric Gurevitch, University of Chicago: “The Jersey Saga: Honor Culture in Medieval Iceland and Modern Seaside”
  6. Candace Moore, University of Michigan: “Guidosexuality”
  7. Ellie Marshall, McGill University: “Foucault’s Going to Jersey Shore, Bitch!”

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